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  • Curiosity Research & Design

    Curiosity Research & Design

    Research Methods and other observations from a research career!

  • Daniel Berryhill

    Daniel Berryhill

    Web Developer, Accessibility Tester, Quality Assurance, DHS Trusted Tester v5, Autism Dad

  • H Locke

    H Locke

    Head of UX @Ogilvy. (Opinions mine, not theirs etc.). I design things and I study humans.

  • Margaret Gould Stewart

    Margaret Gould Stewart

    Vice-President of Product Design & Responsible at Facebook. Previously at YouTube & Google. Ted speaker. Passionate about design, ethics, & tech. Find me @mags.

  • Jonathon Colman

    Jonathon Colman

    Senior design manager at Hubspot. Ex-Intercom and Facebook. Working on the web since 1994, grumpy it’s not done yet. Always listening.

  • Debbie Levitt

    Debbie Levitt

    “The Mary Poppins of CX & UX.” DeltaCX.com and Delta CX on YouTube. CX and UX Strategist, Researcher, Architect, Speaker, Trainer.

  • Mateo Nava

    Mateo Nava

    UX Designer

  • Rob Levin

    Rob Levin

    I’m a freelance illustrator and designer based in Austin, TX. Portfolio: https://roblevin.myportfolio.com/ Commissions: roblevinillustration@gmail.com

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